The wild ride of breaking into the toy industry

It is no small feat to create a business from scratch.  It is a beautiful insane process full of so many options and choices and pitfalls and failures but also triumphs too! Being surrounded by so many people who are willing to offer their help and expertise along this journey is invaluable.  They provide insight into hard problems and help find solutions.

Problems like:

  • How on earth do I manufacture a doll – let alone an entire series of them (thank the good Lord for Alibaba – google it)
  • How do I find an artist to create all of the custom artwork for the books, the recipes, the dolls etc…

(in my case, you find a a greeting card (yes a greeting card) that you fall in love with while getting coffee at barnes and noble (see pic below) and then you launch a massive world wide web search hunt to track down the artist that created the artwork for the card  and then hound her until she emails you back ::smile::

Katie Schied

P.S. love you Katie – you are amazing and I am insanely grateful for you!

P.S.S. do not bother to email her,  she is going to be busy for the next 5 years

  • Where do I find the mula to bring this dream to reality (because WOW is it expensive! Whew… we are talking $24,000 to tool the dolls alone!)

…yea – I know what the word “tool” means

…and yes my husband faints every time I tell him with the budget is for this little project

  • What on earth is 3d printing and why is it relevant to creating the dolls?

(I am STILL trying to comprehend the technology of 3d printing as demonstrated by remarks to the 3d printer man)

“sooooo your telling me this tiny little needle is going to magically create an entire doll in 4 hours?! – ha! you sir are cray cray, this is cray cray everything is cray cray ::mind explodes::


  • Furthermore, where am I going to find a 3d printing company/engineers that are good at what they do, how will I know I’m not being ripped off etc etc etc…

(Taking names on this one, btw – if you know a good 3-d printing company PLEASE email me every. single. thing. you know about them!

  • How am I going to build a website that can handle traffic into the thousands per day as well as be sophisticated enough to handle orders, shipping, complaints, prodcuts, customer log in functionality AND it has to look pretty! (oy vey)

PS.. the answer to this questions is Shopify and Cratejoy

Some of these questions have been answered (and are continuing to be answered) by hours and hours and hours of research (yes my brain is scrambled eggs sometimes)

But I am going to document this journey and share everything I possibly can about how we are going to bring Maple Box Dolls to life.  You are going to come along (if you want of course) for every tiny little victory and every dismal failure.  Hopefully I will be able to add back to the community by offering my small bit of education along this process and give someone else the tools to EASILY create an incredible product that will change the world!

The tools are out there but man it takes a long time to find them and implement them.

Want to receive these fun little updates by email?  I can’t promise you they will all be happy go lucky…. yes I may cry….or yell…. well maybe not yell, but it will be fun (I think)




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