Maple Box Dolls – Weekly Update: Watercolor, Lawyers & Pivots

It’s only Tuesday and it has already been a very full week stuffed with design meetings, scheduling patent/copyright lawyers, meeting at the business incubator and more.

(Connie (from the UCF business incubator) and I talking packaging – don’t mind our little footless dolly prototype ::smile::)

11742772_10154129285687627_8706799008958864816_n 11752424_10154129285637627_939095165572318705_n

A big part of my job is keeping our business plan completely up to date with every pivot we make.

For example

even though our first draft of the business idea was always centered around a doll, we were envisioning her to maybe be packed with some sort of lip balm.

(Theeeenn we started imagining boxes arriving with melted lip balm all over everything – yea, scratched that ;P )

We also figured that the size of the book would be much smaller than it is now-

After research we realized that parents would prefer the size of the book to be slightly larger ( a 5″x7″) as opposed to a 3″x4″  (we HEAR ya parents!)  According to the research it’s easier to handle, creates more room for artwork and sits on the shelf a little easier! BOOM – DONE ❤

We also realized that the first draft of girls that we imagined could definitely use a little more magic ❤


we changed a bit and added some beautiful new ethnicities with richer storylines that represent more FULLY the incredible and ethnically diverse nature of the US and introduce girls to cultures that are a little different from their own.

(Like Generous Ailani, a native hawaiian american living on her parents special  flower farm in Kula Hawaii) 

Heres a quick synopsis of Ailani’s story

“Generous Ailani  learns that being generous to others reaps all sorts of benefits including feeling good about yourself.  Ailani loves her fathers flower farm and tends to the flowers every day after school.  One particular flower bush is her absolute favorite and just started to bloom.  She’s been waiting in anticipation for months.  She learns what is means to be generous when her fathers asks her to share her precious special flowers with the sick children at the hospital.”

So beautiful right!?

All that to say – it takes a long time to make all those updates to the business plan!

that was my Tuesday      ::winning:: – Give. me. all. the. coffee.

Lastly, another HUGE win this week – We are so excited to have hired on Shawna from The Start Studio to take on the mind boggling project of building our logos and branding which will eventually (and very soonly) lead to them building our website and more! We have a Pinterest board loaded with inspiration for what we want Maple Box Dolls brand to convey


  • Magic
  • Fun
  • Imagination
  • Beauty
  • Nature

Here are a few snaps from our Pinterest board that will influence the final design of the brand


e978133a15b627b71324a5251a513adb 035c576978c2f5d1a52fedb5dfd88e32

We are going with a dreamy watercolor feel full of natural elements, bright and bold colors with a magical touch  What do you think?

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