How One Woman is Creating All of The Artwork For Our Stories and Dolls

Joyful Jenny Book Sketches

Working with Katie Scheid  is an incredible blessing.

Before I delve deeper into how she is creating incredible rich artwork for all of the story books, let me introduce her and her work.


Katie is an incredibly talented graphic artist who has produced work for:

  1. StormFrog,
  2. Up With Paper,
  3. Portosa Studios – Which was responsible for the artwork in Disney Cruise Ships

She collaborates with clients on a case-by-case basis to deliver custom art and art-assets for various mediums including (but not limited to) stationery, pop-up cards, packaging, logo design, advertising, surface design, and mobile games.

As mentioned in my previous post HERE (around mid way down) I talked about how I found Katie – Basically I was walking through barnes and nobles and I found this greeting card and almost cried because the scene and artwork was SO beautiful.  It brought me right back to my childhood.

Katie Schied

It’s even more incredible in person – You can go see it at your local barnes and nobles =) At any rate I flipped the card over and noticed that it listed the artist as being a one “Katie Schied”

I was ecstatic

I immediately ran to my computer and hunted her down.  I found an email address for her and I sent her the details of the project and asked if she had interest and/or availability

Then I begged the good Lord that she would email me back.

She did!  Within the day I received an email back (yes I jumped for joy).  She loved the project and what we were trying to create and she developed a timeline to create the first 3 dolls in sketches as well as the book cover of one book and artwork for a few pages inside.

Of course each character has a pinterest board that we started for them.  This was so that we could really develop each character right down to the color and style of their hair, to the places they live and the clothes that they wear.

We decided that the first three dolls we bring to life would be “Joyful Jenny” “Orderly Emma” and “Diligent Annie”

This is how they started:

After reviewing tons of photos of real life little girls that we wanted to emulate for each character – we settled on these three – you can see which one is which


The first round of sketches produces these three cuties!
Photo Jul 03, 1 33 13 PM

And while they are ADORABLE – they are a little older than we wanted.  We wanted the little girls who play with these dolls to feel like they are more around their age (5 – 9)

So we sent over the revision requests and we received our second round of edits ~
Photo Jul 03, 1 32 45 PM

SO cute right!  We were ALMOST there – we wanted them to be a little happier and we worked on tiny details…

Photo Jul 03, 2 50 28 PM

Our final sketches of these three beauties!  Now they would just need to be colored in and digitalized

So, they went from paper sketches to full color animated versions:


These final dolls will be sent to California so that we can create 3-d molds and actually produce them in real life – the dolls will look almost exactly like the drawing with the same clothes and everything (SO COOL)  More on that in another post –

What makes maple box dolls SO unique is that we are creating completely original dolls along with original artwork, incredible rich storylines, crafts and recipes that correspond to the story and a charm that is completely custom and attaches to the little girls charm bracelet.

Next week I am going to completely introduce “Joyful Jenny” along with her story (not just an excerpt) and what her recipe and craft will be (eek) And then maybe I will reveal the full line of dolls!

For future dolls we are planning on creating a line of international dolls (like a girl from Germany, a girl from France, a girl from Australia etc…)

And then the next line after that will be a fairytale line (ooh yesssss!)

P.S. we only have 4 days left of voting for us to win a commerical spot during the Superbowl! – Could you vote and share HERE ?

Thank you!!!

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    Very Very Cool! Love the idea.

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