Meet The Dolls ~ Almost!

Maple Box DollsWe have had so many inquiries as to who these dolls are, what their stories are, where they are from, what they will look like and OH MY GOODNESS I want SO much to release every last one of them so everyone can see just how magical they are

Introduce for example:

“Loving Skylar™” a curly brown haired, green eyed beauty who is learning  the importance of love when she meets a little girl who does not look like her.  Skylar’s mom shows her all the ways they are the same and the importance of loving a person despite your differences.


“Bold Isabella™” a fun loving latin american sweetheart who learns that being bold in a difficult situation on the play ground requires her to break through her fearfulness in sticking up for a fellow playmate  at the playground.

(I can’t wait to release them all and believe me we are…. soon!  very soon)

HOWEVER (<— dislike, I know)

We also have to be careful with our copyrights and make sure that all of our work is protected so that it is not stolen.  So while we wait for all of those protective procedures to fall into place  so that we can properly introduce these first 12 incredible dolls I DO have the pleasure of introducing ONE of our dolls – she is the first – the forerunner, and just remember that just as incredible and beautiful as this doll is, every doll thereafter is just as special and has a special story to tell with a craft, and recipe and unique charm, all for you to enjoy with your little girl, or granddaughter or niece or even just friend.

So without Further ADO it is my pleasure to introduce to you the full story of  Joyful JennyTM ❤ with bits and pieces of artwork from her book.

“If you walk in joy, happiness is close behind”

Jenny is a bouncy blonde haired, blue eyed little girl who lives on a big farm in the heart of texas with her mom and dad and two brothers.  She enjoys the daily exposure to all the farm animals and the joy of helping take care of them. She does at times find that the chores are cumbersome  but makes a choice to be joyful even when she does not want to.

Joyful jenny Cover

Here is a sweet excerpt from her story – to read the full story online with no artwork click HERE (link opens in new tab)

PASSWORD is: 1234

MORAL OF THE STORY: Joy is CONTAGIOUS! it touches everyone it comes in contact  with!  When you show joy in a hard situation it encourages others to be joyful too!


“The bright warm sun was slowly rising over the horizon and sending rays of sparkly sunshine into Jenny’s room.  Mom was already  downstairs making bacon and pancakes for breakfast.  Jenny sloooowly popped open one eye, and then the other and a huge smile came across her face! It was morning and she was SO happy to be alive!!

“Wow!! what a GREAT day!” she squealed as she jumped out of bed and threw on her favorite outfit and cowboy boots.  Her curly blonde hair was wild and bouncy just like Jenny.  Jenny didn’t even bother to brush it!

She bounced down the stairs and greeted her mom and dad with a kiss and her 2 brothers with a big smile.  “Why are you so happy?” grumbled kyle, obviously not very happy about waking up early.

“I just cant wait to get out onto the farm and help dad!” she declared.  Jenny’s dad smiled at her enthusiasm and plated her up a big serving of breakfast.

“Alright guys, lets eat up so we have lots of energy for today! we have a lot to do!”

Jenny and her brothers kyle and john gobbled up their breakfast and got ready to take the tractor out to the farm with their father.

The fresh morning air was delicious! Jenny just LOVED the bright new day and all the tasks at hand.  The boys, however, were a little less than excited.  “Why do we have to feed those big ol cows anyways” whined kyle “Yea! and can’t the chickens pick up their own eggs?!?”

Kyle laughed at his brother john and imagined what it would look like to watch the chickens collect, clean and sell their own eggs.

“HAHA we should invent super chickens that do all their own work so we can play all day.” said John

Jenny didn’t mind the work at all! she loved it! milking the cow was her favorite.  Bessy smelled like sweet grass and cream.  Her warm breath always tickled jenny’s neck when she would reach around to get her ready for milking.

They all jumped onto the trailer and away they went with dad at the helm! It was a little ways to the barn but not too far.

Halfway to the barn the tractor lurched forward, made a put put putting sound, blew out a ton of smoke and then KAPUT it stopped in its tracks!

“Uh oh” said dad from the driver seat

“Is everything ok daddy?” jenny said.

“well kids, just sit tight and let me figure out what is going on.

The sun was getting high in the sky and boy was it hot! Jenny started to sweat in that heat… and to make matters worse her brothers were arguing and not sitting still.”

Read the full story without artwork HERE

PASSWORD is: 1234

When the Joyful Jenny doll arrives in your mailbox she is going to come with a special charm bracelet with her very own charm – a sunshine, this sunshine charm will attach to your little girls bracelet and remind her of what she learned from Joyful Jenny’s story!

Also in the  box will be the craft that corresponds to Jenny’s story, as well as a recipe that you can complete together.

Lastly you will receive a special letter from the next doll with a greeting and introduction about who she is!  SO exciting.  Your little girl is going to absolutely fall in love with this line.

Stay tuned to hear about our trip to Huntington Beach California next week to meet the designers and manufactures who will produce our dolls and packaging!   It has been a full year of dozens and dozens of emails and plans and I can not wait to meet everyone in person!


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