Manufacturing Meetings, A Million Questions and Beachtime!


After researching dozens and dozens of product design and development firms we settled on an awesome company in southern california.

We have been working with this prototype development team for close to 8 months.  We sent over our idea and asked if they could create a first prototype for Joyful Jenny™.  They loved the concept and were very excited to begin working on the project ::HOWEVER:: as with all things, in order to move forward you need the life blood moving.  When I say life blood, I mean the cold hard cash that keeps new ideas growing and staying healthy.  It took 6 months to raise that capitol. Once we were able to raise our initial investment we gave the product development company a great big giant green light to move forward.

To kick off our ::hopefully:: long and successful partnership, on January 6th Lisa and I flew clear across the country from our home here on the central east coast of Florida to sunny Southern California in order to meet face to face with the team that would be bringing our ideas to life.

Maple Box Dolls-134

Boarding Our Flight!

It was a VERY very quick trip.  We got on a plane 6 pm Thursday evening EST and arrived on a direct fight to LAX at 11PM PST – we checked into our hotel and got a good nights rest.

Maple Box Dolls-101

View of LAX and some surrounding mountains from our room!

The next morning we were up at 6 AM feeling like a million bucks (because it was actually 9 AM our time, hehe) we grabbed breakfast, got a rental car and drove the 45 minutes south of LA to where we would be touring the facility and meeting with the designers.

Maple Box Dolls-50

The highways were crazy packed! But look at the mountain range in the distance ❤

Maple Box Dolls-4

Oy Vey!

What they do there is incredibly inspiring.  If you can dream it, they can make it.  Medical equipment, toy sets, mechanical engineering, the list goes on and on.  Thankfully they specialize in dolls and toys and truly understand the market.  We both walked away from our time there confident that this company could handle the scope of the project we were trying to produce.

Maple Box Dolls-44

Incredible designs from this company for their past clients

Maple Box Dolls-27

Carl (President of the company) Myself and Lisa saying “Cheese” =)

Maple Box Dolls-123

Another “Cheeeese”


Maple Box Dolls-106

Standing outside the huge building!

Maple Box Dolls-39

Carl was a hoot showing us all of the prodcuts that they have created over the past 33 years in  business!

Maple Box Dolls-40

Unfortunately this was the closest to the real thing that I got to see of “The Rock”  while in LA… or ANY celebrity for the matter… hmph

Maple Box Dolls-74

A few more awesome products in their showroom that they have produced for their clients.

SIDE NOTE: A single doll set is a REALLY hard thing to produce – TWELVE of them…… oy… it’s a totally different beast!

We spent almost the entire morning there:

  • asking questions
  • going over ideas
  • talking about the packaging
  • getting a handle on time frames
  • asking about the shipment process
  • asking about quality control
  • asking about being labeled properly as a children’s product to avoid liability issues

…. the list goes on and on …

Maple Box Dolls-16

In the purple showroom with Carl the President talking specifics

After a much needed face to face meeting and tour of the building, I finally ran out of questions. Lisa and I felt totally at ease with the entire process.  (YAY)

By the time we were finished it was lunch time AND we had all afternoon to explore… and boy did we.  Here is a quick snyposis of our 12 hours in LA

Scroll over the photo to see the caption =)

In that time span we visited:

  1. Beverly Hills
  2. Rodeo Drive
  3. Sunset BLVD
  4. Venice Beach / Muscle Beach
  5. West Hollywood (where we dined)
  6. Huntington Beach

It was so much fun!

Maple Box Dolls-22

Hi ❤

We have been given a time frame of 2 – 3 months to get back the very first completed box and we are waiting with bated breath.  We know you are too!  We are hoping for a March date to receive the final product.

While you are waiting, –>follow us<– on Facebook and help us choose the crafts and charms that are included ❤

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We will only have a limited number of Joyful Jenny Packages the first run, so you definitely want to be on the look out! If you want to read more about our first doll JOYFUL JENNY ™ and her

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